Free Energy Survey

Get a Free Home Energy Report

Many home inspectors offer Home Energy Reports with their service. Although these reports will give you plenty of information, the inspector does not know your lifestyle. So these reports are not completely accurate. I have found the way to get the best Home Energy Report is for you to fill out the information yourself which is provided at: This takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey. Best of all, there is no charge and SCE will send you money saving ideas with the report.

You will be asked to answer simple questions about your lifestyle, heating, cooling, water heating, laundry, kitchen appliances, food preparation, pool and spa, water usage, and lighting. Some of these answers you will find in the Home Inspection Report which Pro Inspections has provided such as the age of the heater, AC, and water heater. Some items required on the Energy Survey only you will know the answer, such as the age of your washer, dryer and refrigerator. Don’t worry. The questionnaire only asks the approximant age. If you are not really sure, you can Google the Serial Number found on the Unit to receive the manufacturing date.

If SCE is not your electrical company, they have a link on their site for you to use ( or you can Google “Home energy survey for the City of (your city)”.